• Copyright and intellectual property law

    Copyright and intellectual property law

    I can help you protect your creative content
  • IT and software law

    IT and software law

    I can advise you on all IT related contracts
  • In-House layer

    In-House layer

    I can provide complete legal services for your company

Hana Krajčíková, lawyer and mediator

I am an attorney with a passion for IT and a love of the arts. I help companies and entrepreneurs with everything their business life brings. Most often in the areas of commercial, software or copyright law. I provide legal services in both Czech and English, but always in the area of the Czech legal system. I can fight for my clients at court, but I prefer negotiation and agreement. This is why I am a fan of mediation.

Intellectual property and copyright law

Do you create software, graphics, computer or mobile apps, photography or promotional videos? Let me help you protect your creative content. I'll draw up a clear and unambiguous work agreement, license agreement or collaboration agreement. I'll help you register your trademark. And even more than that.

IT & Software Law

An employee is not the same as a contractor. A license agreement is not the same as a purchase agreement. Are you developing the software with another entity? Do you need to be sure how each of you will use the software? Do you need to contract with suppliers, distributors or customers?

In-house counsel

An in-house lawyer would be nice, but it's not for a new position yet? I offer small and medium sized businesses regular work. Together, we'll handle all the common legal issues related to your business. Whether it's contractual matters, terms and conditions and GDPR or investor entry and changes to articles of association.

Who am I and what is my track record

I graduated from the Faculty of Economics and Administration and the Faculty of Law at Masaryk University in Brno. During that time, I also completed a semester study of economics in Liechtenstein at the Hochschule Liechtejnstein. But I have always been closer to law. Especially business law. I have enjoyed advocacy since 2010 and since 2014 I have been a member of the Czech Bar Association No. 15813. I discovered mediation in 2017, when I completed mediation training with the Association of Mediators of the Czech Republic. I have been mediating since then. I am constantly educating myself – I participate in workshops and seminars in the field of advocacy and mediation. And I share my knowledge with others. I teach law in business and law for creatives. In my spare time, I enjoy music and photography.

  • Professional work
  • Negotiation and agreement
  • Respect and trust

Why should you choose me?

Professionalism and efficiency

I give each case as much energy and time as it requires, and the result is a job well done. I find out as much information as I can from you to suggest the best value for money solution. I resolve disputes most often by negotiation and agreement, as this is often the cheapest and quickest way.

Human approach

I understand you're not lawyers and I don't expect it. I will explain everything to you so that you understand what I am proposing and why. And so you can come to your own decision. I build personal relationships with my clients based on mutual trust and respect.


You always know what you will get and when, and how much it will cost. We usually agree on a specific price for the service provided. If this is not possible, the hourly rate is 2500,-CZK and the invoice is always accompanied by a detailed bill. In case of long-term cooperation we can agree on a more convenient monthly flat rate. I am not a VAT payer.

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